One Source Vendor Billing - IFM Bill Pay Option For Property Maintenance

Bill Pay Option

Managing your work orders is one thing, but did you know that we also have a robust bill pay option for all of our Integrated Facility Management clients? Along with our traditional IFM services, you can save even more time and money with LESCO 360.

bill pay options of ifm

IFM services

LESCO 360 is all-encompassing, combining all maintenance, repair, and improvement needs into one, easy service. We will provide you with a dedicated toll-free number and our trained service professionals become your virtual staff.

For all of our IFM clients, we will:

  • Answer all maintenance calls within the 4th ring
  • Never use an automated queue
  • Improve response time on maintenance requests
  • Document all calls & track work orders

Our proprietary software provides real-time reporting and response. Through our web portal, we maintain all warranties and certificates of insurance on all your vendors and subcontractors. If any of those lapse, we’ll be sure to let you know and temporarily take that vendor out of your matrix.

The LESCO 360 dashboard

The LESCO 360 dashboard is accessible by you or your approved staff members so that you can check on your weekly, monthly or annual expenditures and orders processed. These can be sorted by vendor, by property, or by date through our intuitive platform. With LESCO 360, your finger will always be on the pulse of your maintenance, repairs, and improvements. Our dashboard gives you quick snapshot access to all of your vendors and contractors in one easy-to-use place.

The best part is that you can monitor our IFM resolutions properly without any active engagement. Our team will handle it all from start to finish on every work order that comes in.

Gain a competitive advantage with world-class support

Our goal is to always make our clients’ lives easier and improve our customer satisfaction. With that, we are proud to offer a bill pay option. This allows you to make better maintenance decisions while helping you decrease costs for your operation.

money reporting software for property managerWhen you partner with LESCO 360 on your bill pay options, we’ll be sure to include these expenses in our accurate and timely data reporting services through our Hub Access. Your property reports and facility expenditures will all be available by logging into our secure web-based system.

As an additional feature of our bill pay, we provide you with life cycle information and failure rates, helping you with budget forecasting.

By paying your invoices, we will send you a consolidated weekly (or monthly) invoice for all bills that we’ve paid. And as an added convenience, we also consolidate all your expenses for incident insurance recoveries as well!

Saving money with efficiency!

LESCO 360 is your all-in-one facility management system. We’d love to chat with you to see how we can make your life easier. It’s easy to schedule an appointment too: just give us a call or visit our CONTACT page and fill out our short form. Be sure to mention in your message that you’re interested in our bill pay option as well!