Multi-Tenant Facility Management - We Can Manage Your Tenants Needs

Multi-Tenant Buildings

Every day, you have the opportunity to serve a variety of different tenants. Whether you manage a strip mall, business center, or business park, no two tenants in your facility are the same. Multi-tenant buildings are relatively common in today’s business environment, which means that you’re always going to have different leaseholders coming to you with varying maintenance requests, repairs, or ongoing needs.

Multi-Tenant repair management LESCO360

LESCO 360 is the partner you’ve been looking for

It doesn’t matter the size of the facility you’re responsible for. Each business within your building will present challenges that are often difficult to predict. For example:

  • Will Tenant A require more involved HVAC flexibility than Tenant B?
  • How often will Tenant C need to have their carpeting replaced?
  • Will Tenant D have more traffic than the others?

These are just a handful of possibilities. What you need is a Help Desk, someone who can take the work order calls, issue the appropriate work orders, and follow up with the vendors to ensure they’ve been resolved.

That’s where we come in! LESCO 360 is your fully Integrated Facility Management solution, ready to provide you with individualized services designed to meet each tenant’s needs.

Save time and money

As a multi-tenant building property manager, one advantage you have over others in your role is that everything you’re responsible for is within the same building or business park.

However, this also creates a unique challenge: each tenant will need something different. You’ll be dealing with GMs, ops managers, or business managers who have specialized needs. This can overwhelm both your voicemail and email inboxes with maintenance requests.

property manager help with tenants

When you partner with us, we take care of each request for you. You’ll have a direct access phone number to our Help Desk, guaranteed to be picked up by the 4th ring, to give out to each tenant. Rather than deal with each tenant directly, we’ll take care of that for you, freeing you up for other responsibilities.

Consolidated services for your multi-tenant operation

There are several things we’ll bring under “one roof” so to speak for you. These include:

Closed Loop Tenant Communication

From start to finish, we take care of everything related to maintenance requests and repair needs for each client.

expense reporting and record keeping IFM Raleigh NC

Expense Reporting

Repairs cost money, and when you need to let your superiors know what your annual maintenance costs are, it’s easy to export that report directly from our system. We can track your income and expenses to give you ROI reporting with just a few clicks.

Vendor Maintenance

We’ll ensure that each vendor for each tenant has up-to-date certificates of insurance and the appropriate contractor certifications before they step foot on your property.

Contact us to discuss your needs

No matter how many tenants you have, we can help keep everything simplified and rolling smoothly for your multi-tenant facility. Send us a MESSAGE or give our IFM experts a call to set up your appointment for a free consultation!