Who We Help With IFM - Multi-Location & Multi-Tenant Businesses

Integrated Facility Management Solution For Multi-Location & Multi-Tenant Businesses

LESCO 360 is our integrated facility management solution for a wide variety of industries. We’ll work with you or your team to develop a custom solution for your property that meets your needs, increases your operational efficiency, and provides problem resolution for your tenants in a timely manner.

Who we help

If you have one facility or 20, we can help. Many of our clients are property managers that have multiple brick and mortar locations across our region. Other clients are single facility operations that have a single point person that we work closely with.

Another type of our typical client profile is multi-tenant buildings. Typically, these fall under two categories: strip malls with multiple kinds of businesses in them or office complexes where several companies may share a single building.


How we help

We work with property managers by first identifying their specific needs. In our decades of experience in integrated facility management, we’ve recognized that not all companies need the same services.

Regardless of your needs, our trained Help Desk personnel are available 24/7. They’ll maintain your online database of vendors, ensuring that all certifications and insurances are up to date. They’ll keep a record of your warranties as well as assist with maintenance requests from property managers.

we help commercial property managers in South Carolina

Beacon Partners - Property Managed By LESCO 360

Some businesses have an individual property manager point person who is responsible for a single property. Others, such as large corporations that have a large footprint will have branch locations spread out across hundreds of miles, each with its own facility manager. In either case and with everything else in between, we’ll work closely to develop an integrated, tailored solution to meet your company’s needs.

For example, some of our current client types include:

  • Banks with multiple regional branches;
  • The manager of an office building with just a few or literally hundreds of tenants;
  • A large industrial complex with multiple leaseholders;
  • Restaurants, both locally and nationally;
  • Retail network of stores, ranging from pharmacies to clothing;
  • And more!

property maintenance work order management

We close the loop on your maintenance requests, ensuring that the appropriate work orders are issued, followed up on, and closed out in a timely manner. We can even pay vendor invoices for you if you want us to. Our coverage is available 365 days a year, so there’s never a time you can’t reach someone at LESCO 360.

How to contact us

Are you interested in learning more about how we can help? Perhaps you’re ready to get started? Whatever the case, it’s easy to reach us. Give us a call or send us a message using our short CONTACT form and we’ll be in touch soon!