Our IFM System Works For You - LESCO 360 Work Order & Vendor Portal

Our System Works For You

The mark of a quality Integrated Facility Management program is one that works as an extension of your business, making your life easier. LESCO 360, our system, works for you in this exact way. We’ve developed a Closed-Loop approach to IFM, saving our clients both time and money.

A typical LESCO 360 client

We serve a wide range of clients. For example, some of our clients are commercial property managers that handle many different business tenants in one (or more) locations. Others are corporate clients who own or franchise out the Integrated Facility Management of multiple branches or retail stores.

integrated facility management for healthcare businesses

Novant Health - Property Managed By LESCO 360

Some of these include:

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Office buildings with hundreds of tenants
  • Industrial complexes with many leaseholders
  • Franchised businesses with multiple locations spread across several states
  • And company-owned pharmacies with a nationwide network

We’ve worked hard to expand our presence in multiple types of industries, including:

  • Commercial/Retail
  • Business/Office
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Banking/Financial

Saving both time and money for our clients

Time. If we could all just have a little bit more of it, our lives would be so much easier. With LESCO 360, we work hard so you don’t have to. Our mission is to save you as much time as possible, taking a majority of the vendor management responsibilities off of your to do list.

And our advanced reporting helps to identify areas of improvement or inconsistency so that you can make the most of the dollars you spend on annual maintenance.

Our LESCO 360 system gives you control

LESCO 360 has the processes in place to enable you to handle many of your property maintenance tasks from the convenience of your desk. With LESCO 360, you can view virtually all aspects of your building and its service history through our online portal. Access to this information is secure and protected, only visible to you or an approved member of your company

Within LESCO 360, you can view:

  • Work order creation and resolution
  • Customer portal for reporting and data analysis
  • And your vendor/supplier portal

Features of LESCO 360

Our system is built on a foundation that includes decades of IFM expertise. We’ve continued to refine our Integrated Facility Management process over the years to be even more customer-focused.

Some of the features of our latest software version include:

  • Warranty tracking and special notices
  • Estimated Completion Times on any work order
  • Category/Problem codes and trade
  • Auto dispatching of work orders via e-mail
  • Vendor insurance compliance
  • Supplier online access to all work orders, including tracking, updates, and close-outs

Regardless of your situation, managing maintenance, repairs, and continuous improvement requirements can be both an organizational and logistical challenge. Tracking the needs of each and every tenant or location can be overwhelming.

commercial property management in Tennessee

LESCO 360 helps you:

Track Certificates of Insurance, View general liability insurance, Analyze year-over-year spending trends, Plan for annual budget spending, and more!