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Emergency Response

Whether you work for a multi-site organization or are in charge of a multi-tenant operation, at some point you’re going to need some kind of emergency response service. This can range from broken pipes to missed landscaping appointments to odd smells in the building. How we define an emergency is a part of our 5-tiered approach to priority response.

LESCO’s 5 types of work orders

Each of our priority types reviews the severity of your work order request. We assign a priority type to determine how quickly a request needs to be dealt with.

LESCO 360 emergency response

These categories are:

1 = Emergency (2 hours or less response)
2 = Same day response
3 = 24-hour (next day response)
4 = One week response
5 = As scheduled (contracted maintenance)

Whenever any work order is issued, we’ll be sure to send you a notification notating the priority level. This allows you to decide what you need to focus on and what you can let go to your inbox.

With LESCO 360, you’ll always know what’s happening at your facility.

Our goal at LESCO 360 is to manage property maintenance for multi-location companies and be an Emergency Response Team, notifying those at your company who need to be informed of what is happening. At the same time, we’re also tasking the appropriate vendor within your matrix to determine the best way to remedy the situation. We will prioritize the need based on urgency of response and act accordingly.

A single access point

Many times, when an emergency happens, the branch or business location does not know who to call. Often, the manager on site or business tenant also doesn’t know how to handle an emergency if one happens to occur.

As a property manager, it’s usually hard to field all of these calls and get them appropriately addressed. Yes, you want to provide good customer service, but is a blown light bulb really an emergency worthy of your attention? Not really.

That’s where Lesco 360 comes in.

We are a “one-stop-shop” for everything related to your integrated facility management needs. That means that your tenants or managers on duty can (and should always) call us directly when something happens in the facility.

LESCO 360 will assign you a dedicated phone line and customized email address. You should give this to every branch or location manager so that they can easily contact us as soon as the issue becomes apparent.

facility management over repairs in Atlanta GA

And the beauty of our solution means that when they call us, they can then move on and forget about it. Our Closed-Loop approach means that we will get it done — period! LESCO360 can and will make it happen! There is a comfort level and peace of mind that comes with having access to a live person that will answer the request and get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

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