The Process - Fully Integrated Property Management Solution - 24/7/365

The Process

LESCO 360 is a fully integrated property management solution for a wide variety of businesses including:

our process of IFM throughout the Southeast US

  • Commercial facilities
  • Industrial complexes
  • Office spaces
  • Retail establishments
  • Government buildings
  • And more!

We promise to always be available when you need us. When we partner with a client, we assign them a designated phone number unique to them and promise to answer by the 4th ring. You’ll never be put into a waiting queue to speak to someone!

The LESCO 360 process

we help property managers with their tenants maintenance calls

1. Call LESCO 360

When you or one of your facilities have a maintenance request, the first step is to call LESCO 360. Let us know what’s going on, whether it’s an emergency, and how soon it needs to be addressed. From annual upkeep to unexpected problems, everything should be routed through our 24/7/365 Help Desk.

creating work order

2. We issue the work order

We’ll immediately evaluate the situation and issue the appropriate work order. We’ll be sure to let your location know we’re on it and reassure them that the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.

vendor follow up in Charleston SC

3. We contact the approved and appropriate vendors

One of the benefits of partnering with LESCO 360 is that we maintain everything, including your vendor database. This includes ensuring that they’re on your list of approved vendors, their insurances are in effect, and all appropriate certifications have been renewed. We’ll also maintain a list of warranties in case the work order is still under one.

work order management for properties in Spartanburg SC

4. We follow up to make sure the work is done

Our Closed-Loop process means that no work order is left unresolved. We’ll follow up with the vendor to ensure that the job has been completed and that it meets your expectations.

Closing the loop

Our Help Desk team is highly trained in problem resolution. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our Closed-Loop process means that we handle it all. We’re the team that will establish, maintain, and update your approved vendor database. In this Closed-Loop, we ensure that all vendor certifications and insurances remain up to date and that their licenses are renewed.

Once a work order is created, we’ll contact the appropriate (and approved) vendor, focusing on resolving the problem as quickly as possible. This includes the dispatch and follow up of all necessary work.

Furthermore, we act as the primary liaison between all parties involved. Whether you’re a Property Manager, employee, tenant, or vendor, we’ll work with you to keep you informed and ensure that the problem is resolved.

Facility Management System In Charlotte NC

24/7/365 Integrated Facility Management Coverage

Just because everyone clocks out doesn’t mean that things don’t happen. Water pipes don’t wait to break until someone gets there. Grass doesn’t stop growing at 5 pm. Hailstorms don’t work business hours.

Whatever your situation, our team is always available — even on weekends or at 2 am. Regardless of the time of day, as soon as you are made aware of a problem, you can easily reach someone at LESCO 360.

contracted maintenance for building

Plus, we can easily help take care of all of your payments. Some of our clients want us to handle vendor invoicing management too. It’s all a part of the Closed-Loop nature of our IFM services. We can take care of any and all client billing — it doesn’t matter if it’s an unexpected repair or part of a regular maintenance agreement. We can handle it all.

IFM the way it was meant to be

Every client has needs that are unique to them. LESCO 360 will tailor your solution to your needs. Just CONTACT us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll schedule an appointment to go over how we can help!