We Help Property Mangers - Facility Upkeep & Maintenance - Work Orders

Property Managers

Property managers are incredibly busy. Whether you’re managing multi-tenant buildings, multi-location companies, or are simply responsible for a single facility, there is always something that needs to be repaired or addressed. Our mission is to make your job easier so that you can be more efficient and effective in your job.

Our Process

LESCO 360 takes the burden of dealing with repair and maintenance work orders off of your plate. Our process for helping property managers is incredibly straightforward!

we help property managers with their tenants maintenance calls

1. Call LESCO 360

When you or one of your tenants/branch locations have a maintenance request, the first step is to call LESCO 360. Let us know what’s going on, whether it’s an emergency, and how soon it needs to be addressed. From annual upkeep to unexpected problems, everything should be routed through our 24/7/365 Help Desk.

creating work order

2. We issue the work order

We’ll immediately evaluate the situation and issue the appropriate work order. We’ll be sure to let your branch or tenant know we’re on it and reassure them that the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.

vendor follow up in Charleston SC

3. We contact the approved and appropriate vendors

One of the benefits of partnering with LESCO 360 is that we maintain everything, including your vendor database. This includes ensuring that they’re on your list of approved vendors, their insurances are in effect, and all appropriate certifications have been renewed. We’ll also maintain a list of warranties in case the work order is still under one. Upon reviewing all of this information, we’ll contact the appropriate vendor for the situation.

work order management for properties in Spartanburg SC

4. We follow up to make sure the work is done

Our closed-loop process means that no work order is left unresolved. We’ll follow up with the vendor to ensure that the job has been completed and that it meets your or your tenant’s expectations.

Our responsibility to property managers

As we’ve refined our process over the years, we realized that our responsibility to property managers can be summed up in just four words: Facility upkeep and maintenance

Our duty is to ensure that anything related to those four words is taken care of without needing to bother you with the details. We offer support services to ensure everything is taken care of as quickly and easily as possible. We can even analyze data such as energy usage, expense reporting, and perform annual property inspections with recommended repairs if necessary.

Your role

Your role within this will initially be to work with our team to establish a list of vendors, equipment, and (depending on your situation) tenant or branch information. Once everything is in place, however, your role is to simply provide your tenants or locations with your LESCO 360 Help Desk phone number or email address.

We’ll take on the rest from there. With LESCO 360, we act as an extension of your operations so that you can focus on your other job priorities.