Multi-Location Facility Management - We Maintain All Necessary Records

Multi-Location Companies

Are you responsible for, or does your company have, multiple locations? Property managers like you who manage multi-location companies have a ton on their plate! From answering emails and texts to phone calls and messages about anything and everything tied to your property, it can be overwhelming.

We love working with multi-location companies that need a robust Integrated Facility Management solution. These include everything from retail pharmacies that have locations in multiple cities (or even many in the same city), both regional and national financial institutions, expanding healthcare centers, and more.

Let’s look at four big ways we help multi-location companies.

We’ll keep you in the loop

Open communication is absolutely essential for an Integrated Facility Management program to work. Whether you’re managing a retail pharmacy chain across hundreds of miles or are responsible for your regional hospital’s expanding efforts, we’ll make certain that you’re kept informed of work order requests.

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However, you won’t need to worry about whether they get completed or not — that’s our job. We’ll let you know when and how the problem was resolved. We’ll take care of your maintenance requests from start to finish.

We’ll work smarter and harder for you

You know the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” While that can be true, we promise that we’ll never slack off or let a project go unresolved. Instead, we’ll use our cloud-based LAMA system to track every work order, the assigned vendor, the resolution of the work order, and can even pay their invoice for you!

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Our software solution works great for multi-location companies as it gives our clients a single web portal to view anything and everything they could possibly need to know about their IFM operations.

We’ll maintain all necessary records

Certifications expire. Insurances need to be renewed. Sometimes vendors aren’t on top of these. Likewise, a financial institution with multiple locations will have dozens of warranties to manage per location. Healthcare facilities can have hundreds, and keeping everything straight can be overwhelming. With LESCO 360 on your side, we’ll handle it all for you. We’ll keep track of vendor certifications and insurances, updating them as they’re renewed and letting you know if an approved vendor allowed any of theirs to lapse.

maintain and track warranties and COI

We’ll also accurately track each warranty for each of your locations, ensuring that any claims against them are appropriately filed. Simply put, we take the stress of worrying about records management off of your shoulders. We’ll work hard to make certain you don’t have to!

We’ll develop effective processes for each of your buildings

Consistency is key. Regular maintenance is necessary for each location you’re responsible for. We’ll develop quality control processes to ensure that each of your buildings has an appropriate plan in place to deal with reoccurring maintenance as well as emergency situations. We’re proactive in our approach and apply that methodology consistently across your multi-site operation.