Property Maintenance Management - 24HR Availability For All Situations

Maintenance Management

Have you ever heard the phrase “every twenty-minute job is one broken bolt away from becoming a three day ordeal?” This is an automotive quote, but the concept equally applies to Integrated Facility Management. Preventative maintenance will always save your operation money in the long run. Maintenance Management is a strong component to our 5-Type prioritized response and we help property managers with ongoing work orders.

IFM Maintenance For ongoing work orders

LESCO 360 and Maintenance

LESCO 360’s portal tracks both general maintenance needs and your facility requirements. Our goal is to provide you with scheduled preventative maintenance and inspections on a regular basis.

Preventative maintenance management ensures that your place of business stays up-to-date with safety requirements. It helps to prevent small issues from becoming larger ones. For example, some rooftop HVAC units will rust based on the impact of the weather. Proactively applying a layer of Polyurea on a maintenance schedule can help offset this kind of damage from mother nature.

We’ll identify weak spots such as these so that we can get a vendor or contractor out to your property as necessary. Each morning, our customer service reps receive a report on each of your properties that we manage. They’ll review all outstanding work orders, including if any were not completed on time or as scheduled.

This review will trigger a notice to be sent to the vendor, including any open maintenance management agreements.

Next steps

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If things are not resolved satisfactorily, we will call the principals that are listed on the vendor contact to find out about the delay with the work order. In short, we proactively keep track of all potential loose ends, including the scheduling of inspections. Our maintenance schedules are designed to make certain that your properties are well taken care of.

With LESCO 360, you have 24 Hour availability for any and all maintenance situations. We’ll always dispatch work orders by urgency and track your warranties to see if any apply to the work order.

As always, we’ll actively track vendor certificates of insurance, only dispatching work orders to your list of approved vendors. Finally, we’ll disseminate routine reports to every client, reviewing what has happened in the specified time period for all of their properties. These reports are designed to make your budget planning as easy as possible.

24hr service Maintenance Management for your properties

Client’s LESCO 360 Hub Access

If you're a LESCO 360 property manager and need immediate access to your information, it’s always available from your LESCO 360 Hub access. From the web portal, you can find details on your facility expenses, comparisons against your planned budgets, photo galleries of inspections or previous maintenance work orders, and more. Our Hub Access is designed to work for you as an extension of your operation, making it as easy as possible to get a quick snapshot of your building or buildings.