A Checklist For Commercial Property Maintenance Is Always A Good Idea

Commercial Property Maintenance Checklist

Facility maintenance is never a one and done task. Throughout the year, you’ll need to continually inspect various parts of your building to ensure everything is functioning properly. An easy way to stay on top of this process is to develop a commercial property maintenance checklist. Although there will be some overlap with each of these categories, generally speaking there are 6 areas you’ll want to include on your maintenance checklist.

navigating a maintenance checklist, orlando flFirst, your HVAC system

It’s hard to say which of these categories is the most important as they all affect your operation in different ways. However, if there is one category that will affect your employees’ comfort the most, it’s your HVAC system.

You should inspect everything related to HVAC twice a year, including your cooling and heating units, air filters, duct work, and thermostats to ensure they’re functioning properly. Ideally, each of these inspections will be in the Spring and Fall in preparation for the Summer and Winter months.

Electrical and lighting throughout the building

Your electrical system and lighting go hand in hand. Without functioning switches, breaker boxes, and proper writing your lights won’t work. The electrical system also supports everything else too, including your HVAC, electronic door access, and other safety systems. An annual inspection will alert you to any problems with this system.

Meanwhile, your lighting is more of an as-needed inspection — replace blown or flickering bulbs as soon as you become aware of the situation. During your annual electrical review, you should also check gaskets, cables, and other hardware-related components within your lighting setup.

Plumbing in both your kitchen and restrooms

Working plumbing is the backbone of your building. No other system, when it fails, can cause immediate and widespread damage than overflowing pipes or leaks. Water damage can cost your building tens of thousands of dollars in repair, so be sure to look for any signs of damage or component breakdown in each of your kitchens, break areas, restrooms and any other areas at risk of water damage.

Interior and Exterior

We’re including everything related to the physical structure of your building (except for your roof) in this category. This includes your doors, windows, sidewalks, parking lot, gates, foundation, and even the appearance of your building.

Look for cracks, damage, broken seals, chipped paint, or anything that would affect either the value of your facility or safety of your employees.


In a category all to its own is your roofing. Any leak in your roof can lead to incremental disasters inside. You should physically inspect your roof at least twice a year or after any substantially heavy storm to ensure your roof is in good working order.

Other safety items

Although a broad category, be sure to annually inspect your fire suppression equipment and first aid stations. And don’t forget to include your fire extinguishers in your break rooms as a part of this list.

Integrated facility management for maintenance, richmond vaAn Integrated Facility Management company can help you stay on top of your annual maintenance checklist

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry — that’s where we come in. We’ll sit down with you and develop a full-fledged commercial property maintenance checklist. This includes scheduling appointments with certified inspectors and handling any maintenance issues that come up along the way. CONTACT US to learn more about our programs and how we can help you make the most of your time and maintenance management.