While In a Budget Shortage Maintenance Plans Must Not Be Neglected

Why Facility Managers Should Avoid Deferred Maintenance

Whether as a result of economic downturns during the recent pandemic or ongoing adjustments to yearly budgets, most organizations are always on the lookout for ways to save money. Typically when there’s a budget shortage in the maintenance department, facility managers will take a step back and look for ways to reduce expenses. And more often than not, they’ll enact a deferred maintenance policy during these times.

problems with deferred maintenance, charlotte ncWhat is deferred maintenance?

Deferred maintenance can lead to higher repair costs

Using the simple example of an HVAC filter, dirty filters cause your equipment to work harder to maintain the same level of output. The dirtier the filter is, the less efficient your air output will be — regardless if you’re using the heating or cooling aspects of your system.

This higher usage will eventually lead to components within your HVAC system wearing out faster. When they eventually break down, it will cost you far more to repair or replace the broken modules than the price of an air filter.

With deferred maintenance, it’s a simple numbers game. Putting off proactive maintenance today will end up leading to higher costs down the road as the lifespan of your equipment will be significantly reduced.

Deferred maintenance can affect operability

Leading off of our last example, did you notice how we talked about your HVAC system having to work harder? Preventative maintenance helps aging equipment run as good as it did when it was first installed. As summers over the past few years have been hotter than usual, your cooling system needs to run at peak efficiency. But if the components within that system haven’t been properly maintained, they won’t be able to keep the building as cool as they could otherwise.

Deferred maintenance can lead to safety hazards

There are a number of safety hazards that can arise as a result of foregoing a regular maintenance schedule. This can include simple issues like air quality to more complex health hazards such as backed-up storm drains, clogged pipes, or even electrical issues.

Preventative maintenance will catch these problems before they become one, and can keep your employees or tenants from ever encountering them in the first place.

problems with deferred maintenance, charlotte ncPreventative maintenance is the better option

Proactively maintaining your equipment and assets will always be less expensive in the long run than any kind of deferred maintenance program. It’ll minimize costly repair or replacement expenses down the road, keep machinery operating as good as new, and minimize any safety-related issues.

Of course, all companies do need to be mindful of their budget, which is why an Integrated Facility Management program may be right for you. We’ll help you balance preventative maintenance schedules against your budgetary constraints. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your facility avoid the dreaded deferred maintenance mentality with our Integrated Facility Management services.