What Is "Hands On" Integrated Facility Management And How Does It Help

Why “Hands On” IFM Is Invaluable To Your Company

Integrated Facility Management programs can come in various forms. Some only handle a few aspects of your facility’s operation. Others are more robust, providing a full-service facility management experience. The features of a hands-on IFM process have invaluable benefits for your company. Here are our top 5 reasons you need one for your business.

company maintenance through integrated facility management, charleston scCost savings

Consolidation is a way that many businesses save money. With a hands-on IFM program, you’re consolidating all of your maintenance needs into a streamlined system. This maximizes your operational effectiveness while minimizing your budgetary costs.

Hands-on IFM is able to predict future expenses based on past repair activities. It also allows you to strategically plan your annual inspections and maintenance updates. Technology also helps to reduce costs by utilizing smart systems based on facility traffic patterns.

Single point of service

One of the staples of every LESCO 360 hands-on IFM program is that we are the single source for all of your facility maintenance needs. This helps to increase response time, decrease downtime, as well as maintain all of your documents and databases. Some of our clients have us pay all vendor bills. Most ask us to maintain their warranties and vendor insurance data on their behalf.

With a single phone number, always picked up within the 4th ring, each LESCO 360 client receives the best possible facility management experience.

Reallocation of resources

Facility managers have a lot on their plate. Without a hands-on IFM program, a facility manager’s day is frequently filled with “putting out the fires” or calling vendors to schedule appointments for emergency situations.

With hands-on IFM, their time on the clock can be spent working on higher-end projects. Meanwhile, your IFM company acts as the single point of service for every one of your tickets, repair requests, and vendor needs.


Speaking of vendors, one of the most challenging tasks for a facility manager is follow-up. Was each repair ticket closed out? Did the vendor show up as expected? Did they complete the job to your company’s satisfaction? Are there any gaps in their solution?

Vendor accountability is a staple component of a hands-on IFM program. It always ensures that an assigned job is a completed job.

Database management

When does the warranty on your furnace system expire? Did your preferred plumber or electrician update their insurances this year? Are all of your documents and records stored properly and up to date? Did someone pay your outstanding invoices?

A LESCO 360 IFM program will answer each of these questions, from maintaining all of your vendor databases to your assets.

integrated facility management call center, jacksonville flThe LESCO 360 hands-on IFM experience

At LESCO 360, we’ve refined our service offerings to accommodate each of these benefits. As the single-source provider for all of your IFM needs, we maximize customer satisfaction with a thorough, hands-on IFM program. If you need to get in touch with any of our LESCO 360 team to learn more about our program, give us a call: 866-947-5044. Or fill out our short contact form, and we’ll follow up within the next business day.