Orlando FL Commercial Facility Management - IFM For Property Managers

Integrated Facility Management In Orlando FL

If you’re a Facility Manager in Orlando responsible for one or even several building campuses across O-Town, you need a partner. That’s where we come in: when you partner with LESCO360 for your Integrated Facility Management needs, we’ll make certain you’re well taken care of!

property maintenance help in Orlando FL

First, what is IFM?

Integrated Facility Management is a tool that helps free up your time. When you contract with an Orlando IFM company, you gain a partner who will handle all aspects of your building’s maintenance. In short, IFM delegates the responsibility of managing your repair needs to a company that specializes in handling them.

integrated facility management software in Orlando FLOur IFM process

LESCO360 uses a closed loop process in IFM, meaning we handle everything from start to finish. We work with a wide variety of building types and industries ranging from industrial complexes to government and everything in between. With our closed loop approach, we make certain that your tickets are assigned to the appropriate vendor, that the vendor shows up, that the work is completed successfully, and can even pay the vendor directly on your behalf.

This ensures that nothing is missed with any of your maintenance requests. It’s as simple as calling LESCO360 and letting us know about your issue. From there, we’ll issue the appropriate work order and contact your approved vendor for that specific need. Finally, we’ll follow up, acting as the primary liaison between you and the vendor.

However, we don’t stop just because the business day is over. Our process includes 24/7/365 access to our Help Desk. Just because you go home for the evening doesn’t mean emergency maintenance issues won’t happen. With your dedicated support line, we make certain that you can contact someone from our team at any time, usually picking up the line within the first 4 rings.

24hr service Maintenance Management for your properties in Orlando FLHow it helps property managers

Vendors often have to renew their annual insurances and certifications. Warranties and coverage periods can vary significantly. Even if you have a brand new facility, there is almost always some kind of maintenance that has to happen each week, often as simple as mowing the grass.

Keeping track of all of this can be overwhelming, especially if your campuses are spread out across Orange County. Our IFM company can help manage and keep track of all of these, whether you’re in Orlando, Edgewood, Belle Isle and more!

Who it helps

Whether you’re a large firm or a relatively new operation, we can help! There are three main types of clients we primarily work with:

  1. Multi-location companies, such as banks and pharmacies
  2. Multi-tenant buildings, such as office complexes
  3. And single-location properties, with a single-man or -woman facility manager in charge

Orlando FL Managed Property MaintenanceThe benefits of Orlando IFM

There are five big benefits to working with an Orlando, Florida Integrated Facility Management company. Those include:

  1. Vendor Management, such as maintaining contact info and insurance records
  2. Saving both time and money through our closed loop processes
  3. Prioritized response, always picking up within 4 rings
  4. Emergency response, regardless of what time of day it happens to be
  5. And the peace of mind, knowing that all of your facility needs are always going to be taken care of in a timely and efficient manner