Integrated Facility Management Can Help You Keep A Maintained Facility

Keeping Your Facility Maintained

Customer satisfaction has two forms: external and internal. External is obvious: it’s those who buy your products, the traditional concept of a customer. Internal customers are your tenants or employees, the people who make your business successful. However, both customers and staff will appreciate a well-maintained facility.

Integrated Facility Maintenance, charlotte ncTypical maintenance categories

Their appreciation comes from the proactive maintenance of a wide range of categories. Naturally, general cleaning gives off a strong, professional appearance. Lawn maintenance, painting, and floor maintenance services demonstrate that you care about aesthetics as much as health. Snow removal, storm clean-up, and de-icing your parking lot help to keep everyone safe.

HVAC, plumbing, and electrical maintenance are critically important to the operation of your business, whereas facade repairs and graffiti removal reinforce your company’s commitment to excellence.

Contracting property maintenance

Each of the aforementioned categories is a hallmark of a well-maintained facility. Many of them are best handled by an outside vendor or contractor. Even minor issues, such as replacing blown light bulbs or updating your walkway rugs, have a vendor dedicated to remediation of each issue.

Vendor maintenance is simply an expected component of facility maintenance. Yes, some things you can handle on your own as the facility manager. But the vast majority will be outsourced to a professional who has spent years of training learning their specific trade.

Hiring contractors saves you both time and money, as those contractors are more efficient at their specific job. Herein lies the beauty of an Integrated Facility Maintenance program. With a simple phone call, any work order (no matter how large or small) is easily assigned to the appropriate vendor. With a closed-loop process, you don’t even have to worry about whether they’ve completed the job or not. That’s on your IFM partner to handle.

The benefits of a well-maintained facility

As we already mentioned, some of the typical characteristics of a well-maintained facility are safety-focused, ensuring it’s safe for customers, guests, and employees. In addition, others will keep your equipment operating in peak condition.

A few of these, such as graffiti removal, are morale-focused. Others still boost productivity, as no one likes to work in a space that’s too hot or too cold. Finally, a few will directly reduce both turnover and lost hours, such as electrical and plumbing repairs.

Health considerations

Of course, health is also a concern with the pandemic still fresh on everyone’s mind. A well-maintained facility will take into consideration sanitization efforts, air filtration systems, and even seasonal allergen concerns. A healthy workplace is a productive one, and it’s never a good idea to skimp out on maintenance to save a dollar today. Ultimately, it can (and most likely will) cost more in the long run.

Integrated Facility Management Call Center, jacksonville flA well-maintained facility is just a phone call away

As the IFM experts, LESCO 360 can help ensure your facility is always up and running. We’d love to speak with you about how we can help ensure you have a well-maintained facility. Contact us at 866-947-5044 or schedule your free consultation via our contact form here.