We Take Time To Set Up A Schedule To Organize Facility Maintenance

Organizing Maintenance Work Orders

Over the past thirty years, LESCO360 clients have learned to trust our Integrated Facility Management process. Frequently, our clients need help as they try to organize work order maintenance requests. Today, we thought we would give you our six best tips to help keep you organized and on task with all of your repair tickets.

IFM makes work flow easy, charleston scDevelop a work order maintenance requests process

Do you have a process in place for employees or tenants to submit work order requests? If not, that should be your first priority. Decide on whether they’ll contact you at a specified email address, call a ticketing phone number, or if a member of your team should field all requests and document them before handing them off to you for assignment.

Determine the best way to assign priority

Next, it’s helpful to know which tasks you should tackle first. Assigning a priority number or system to various types of tasks can help. For example, anything with plumbing or HVAC should be a high priority whereas a request to fix a blown light bulb would have a much lower priority tag.

Categorize your requests

Along the lines of assigning priority, create a few overarching categories that you can assign each request to. Those could include Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Outdoor, Cosmetic, Appliances, and Office Equipment.

Follow-up to ensure the job has been completed

Naturally, once you have a ticket you’ll need to assign it to a vendor. Alternatively, if it’s a smaller in-house job, you’ll assign it to a member of your team. In either case, don’t just assume that the job has been completed. Be sure to verify it so that the ticket can be closed out in whatever system you’re using to track outstanding repair requests.

Analyze your data to improve reliability

How long does it typically take for you to mark a maintenance request as completed? If you don’t know this off of the top of your head, here is where you can use data to understand your overall effectiveness. If it takes a week to replace a lightbulb, for example, look for obvious ways to cut that time frame down. Analytics can help you look for areas of improvement.

Use technology to improve your workflow

Keeping all of your tickets in one location is easy when you use a centralized, technology-driven database for all of your ticketing and resolutions. Use technology to your advantage — any good, reliable system will be able to help you with all of the five previous tips.

IFM for work order maintenance, nashville tnOrganize work order maintenance requests with LESCO360

We’ve been helping clients just like you since 1989 with all of their facility maintenance needs. Our efficient process begins with organization, categorization, and follow-up to ensure your building is operating at its peak. We’ll follow up with vendors, not only on repair tickets but also on their ongoing certification and insurance renewals so you don’t have to.

If you’d like to speak with a member of the LESCO360 team, give us a call at 866-947-5044 or fill out our short contact form here. We’ll be in touch to schedule your free consultation.