Value Of Having An Integrated Facility Management Partner

What Should You Value Regarding Facility Maintenance

The value of facility maintenance services can be easy to quantify if you know what to look for. As a facility manager, you’re always looking to improve your internal satisfaction for either employees or tenants. Here are 6 areas where your Integrated Facility Management partner should excel to help achieve that goal.

integrated facility maintenance in Charlotte NCReliability

Although you’re probably on call 24/7, practically speaking there are times you may not be available. When issues arise at your facility, and you’re out sick or occupied with family, who can people call to report maintenance issues?

With IFM, there’s always a solution. At LESCO 360, we offer a dedicated support line via our Help Desk for each of our clients. Not only does this alleviate the need to contact you at 3 am, but it also provides your team with a direct line of access. And, our guarantee to each of our clients is that we will answer their call within 4 rings — no matter what!

Saving Time and Money

Staying on top of reoccurring, unplanned, and annual maintenance needs can be extremely time-consuming. By extension, it can cost your company untold numbers in overtime and unforeseen repair costs.

Integrated Facility Management takes the guesswork out of annual maintenance budgets. Your LESCO 360 IFM program includes scheduling annual inspections and maintenance while also providing valuable data on your annual expenditures. Together, these allow you to more effectively budget for each year’s expenses.

24/7 Service

Did you catch earlier where we mentioned 3 am emergency maintenance requests? A quality Integrated Facility Management program will include not only 24-hour service but be available during weekend hours as well.

Proactive Preparedness

Health and safety should be the top concern in any building. Integrated Facility Management ensures both of those are adequately addressed through proactive maintenance, planning for the unexpected, and analyzing sustainability. With a renewed focus on health in public spaces, IFM will also help you determine appropriate steps for viral and other pathogen elimination procedures from your common areas and workspaces.

vendor warranty managementVendor and Equipment Management

Contractor insurance policies expire. Warranties run out. Both situations are difficult to manage, as you may not have the time to monitor either.

The value of facility maintenance services, such as our IFM program, lies in our proactive management of both databases. We’ll follow up with contractors to ensure they renew their licenses and insurances when necessary. And as equipment warranties expire, we’ll let you know about those situations too.

The Value of Facility Maintenance Services

From reliability to efficiency improvements, Integrated Facility Management not only helps prepare you for the unexpected but also helps manage various and often overlooked aspects of your operation. Here at LESCO 360, we pride ourselves on providing these services and more.

With our team of experts on your side, you can work and rest easy knowing that your facility will be taken care of. If you’d like to speak with one of our team members about how we can help, call us to schedule your appointment at 866-947-5044 or fill out our short contact form HERE