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Facility Management With LESCO 360 In Charlotte NC

Managing a building takes time — a lot of it to be exact. There are general maintenance tickets that need to be dealt with, such as mowing the grass or replacing the walkway rugs. Then there are your regularly scheduled repairs, such as painting the trim or inspecting the HVAC system.

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And then, of course, you will always have your emergency situations such as leaky pipes or a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. During the hot Charlotte summer, you don’t want any of these situations to create problems for your tenants. That’s how partnering with an Integrated Facility Management firm like LESCO360 can make your job as a facility manager much easier!

vendor management for commercial business in Charlotte NCWhat is Integrated Facility Management?

To keep it simple, Integrated Facility Management, or IFM for short, is a tool that gives you back time. Let’s face it: dealing with all of the requests I mentioned can take up a lot of time. This is especially true if you’re responsible for multi-campus locations spread out across Mecklenburg County.

Of course, while we describe IFM as a tool, several key components determine whether an IFM firm has developed a robust and beneficial IFM program.

Work order issuance

When your building needs a repair, who do you call from among Charlotte’s many qualified vendors? Of course, before you can decide who, the work order itself needs to be accurately documented.

With an IFM firm, this is as simple as making a phone call to LESCO360’s Help Desk on your dedicated client phone line. Let us know what’s going on and we’ll immediately issue the ticket.

Vendor assignment and follow-up

Next, once you know what is going on, it needs to be contracted to the appropriate vendor. We’ll contact them to let them know services are requested. But, we don’t stop there: we’ll also follow up to ensure that the job is completed.

Vendor management and record-keeping

Are insurances up to date? Was the vendor paid on time? These and other questions are a critical part of running a successful IFM program. Which, by the way, we handle when your company partners with LESCO360!

vendor building maintenance management

What kind of services can an IFM firm take care of for facility managers?

Although not an exhaustive list, here are some of the services IFM companies can provide:

  • HVAC maintenance, including scheduling annual repairs and issuing work orders for emergency issues
  • Any kind of flooring maintenance, from cleaning the carpet to remediation after an incident
  • General parking lot maintenance, ranging from fixing cracks in the asphalt to scheduling weather cleanup
  • Anything involving the electrical work, such as unexpected outlet issues and blown light bulbs
  • Roofing concerns, including inspections, repairing leaks, or general weather cleanup
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance, whether it’s as simple as mowing the grass to more complex tree trimming
  • Caulking, weatherproofing, windows and door repair
  • And more!

Remember, it’s not the IFM company themselves who are performing these tasks. Rather, the IFM firm issues work orders, contacts vendors, and follows up to make certain that all of these tasks are taken care of for you. This, in turn, frees up your time so that you can focus on your other responsibilities.