Process Of Our Integrated Facility Management Company In Charlotte NC

Our Process In Charlotte NC

So you’ve decided to look for a Charlotte Integrated Facility Management company? After all, you recognize the benefits and how it can simplify your workload. Great! We’d love to partner with you. Of course, one thing that is helpful to know is the IFM process.

Charlotte NC Integrated Facility management software

We believe in transparency, and our process is second to none!

our process of IFM in Charlotte NCWe’re available when you need us!

Whether you’re a commercial facility, an industrial complex, an office building, a retail establishment or a government office, each industry has both regularly scheduled maintenance and unexpected emergency tickets that pop up.

Our promise to you is to be available whenever you need us. Nights, weekends, holidays, and during the business day — it doesn’t matter. You can reach LESCO360’s Help Desk through your client-specific phone number whenever you need us. When you partner with us, we will act as an extension of your business and always answer within the 4th ring.

The LESCO360 process

As we’ve mentioned, the first step in the process is to call us on your dedicated client line. And when we say “you” that can be you as the facility manager or someone else that works for you. In fact, we encourage clients to give their tenants the phone number so that they’re calling us directly (especially if it’s at midnight and you’re on vacation 500 miles away).

IFM in Charlotte NC

Once you or someone associated with your team calls us, we’ll then issue the appropriate work order. We’ll reassure the person who calls that we’re going to handle everything from this point forward, which includes:

  • Fully documenting the work order ticket
  • Assigning it to the appropriate vendor
  • And contacting the vendor.

However, our process doesn’t stop there. Once the vendor has been made aware of the request, we’ll update the ticket in our IFM software with the expected resolution date and time.

Closing the loop

Our closed loop process means that, even though the ticket has been submitted to the vendor for a resolution, we don’t stop working. Our closed loop approach means just the opposite: we don’t rest until the job has been completed both to you and the tenant’s expectations.

Closing the loop actually starts before you contact us with proactive vendor management. We’ll continue to track certifications and insurances before the vendor is assigned the ticket. If a license has lapsed, we won’t use that vendor — it’s as simple as that.

Closing the loop also means that we can act as the primary liaison between you and the vendor, paying the invoice once the work is signed off on.

Property Maintenance for business in Charlotte NC

24/7/365 access

The truth is you don’t work all day, every day. No one can. Everyone needs downtime.

However, that doesn’t mean problems quit when you do. It’s safe to say that many emergency issues will arise after hours. As soon as you or a member of your team is made aware of it, contact us immediately. There is always someone standing by ready to help resolve your maintenance request.