We Help Facility Managers - Property Maintenance In Charlotte NC

We Help Facility Managers In Charlotte NC

Across the Charlotte area and beyond, our clients come from a wide variety of industries and walks of life. No business is too big or too small for LESCO360 to help.

Multi-tenant facilities property maintenance in charlotte nc

When we partner with a facility manager as their Charlotte NC Integrated Facility Management company, we’ll first ask which of the three primary categories they fall into:

  • A multi-location/multi-campus layout
  • A multi-tenant facility
  • Or a single company operation

Regardless of which, we help Charlotte-based companies sort through and manage all of their maintenance needs.

multi-tenant facility IFM software in charlotte ncMulti-campus locations

Most commonly, this type of client falls into a few key industries such as retail, pharmacies, and financial institutions. These clients often have locations spread out over relatively large distances which can make it challenging for a facility manager to visit them all on a regular basis. In fact, sometimes a facility manager may only visit certain locations once or twice a year, which can be challenging to determine what kind of maintenance that specific property needs.

That’s where our closed loop approach helps! LESCO360 will develop a start-to-finish program specific for each of your locations, including vendors that may serve one or all of your branches to weather-specific vendors based on geography. We’ll help sort through the clutter and maintain accurate vendor records for that location separate from the rest of your other campuses.

Multi-tenant facilities

If you’re a facility manager of an office complex or a similar setup with multiple tenants, you know how challenging it can be to serve each of them individually. Some teams may like it warmer than others. Others may be on second or third floors whose windows only need to be cleaned annually.

Of course, a problem such as plumbing on a higher floor always runs the risk of affecting a tenant on a lower floor. Some of these are an inevitable part of running a multi-tenant facility.

However, the same LESCO360 Help Desk line will work for Client A and Client B just as it does for you. From traffic patterns to HVAC flexibility, we’ll make certain that each of your tenants is well taken care of!

money reporting software for property managerSingle facility property managers

LESCO360 also assists clients that are property managers responsible for a single location with a single company operating there. Typically, these fall into the industrial complex category, but they can also come from other areas such as a credit union or retail location.

We’ll work with you just as we would any other client. It’s more likely you’ll be the one contacting us, but it’s still not a bad idea to pass along your personalized LESCO360 Help Desk phone number to department managers or other supervisors who can quickly let us know about issues they encounter. Besides, you don’t work 24 hours a day. There will be times that situations happen when you’re not present in the building, and you’ll want to let them know how easy it is to get in touch with us when necessary.